Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brave to the End

If you're on the internet, no doubt you've read and laughed at something written by Elden Nelson, better known as Fat Cyclist or simply "Fatty." His blog is a model of how every blog should be written. It's entertaining, well versed, and most of all honest. Regular readers will know that his blog began as a diary of his cycling exploits. However, when his wife Susan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, it was transformed into something much more important - a real life glimpse into why the fight against cancer is so important. Unfortunately, I read earlier tonight that Susan's battle with cancer had finally come to an end. Yet, it came as little surprise to find that she battled the disease all the way.

Fat Cyclist has written so much over the past four years. The very public battle he faced coming to terms with his wife's illness was difficult to read at times. However, the triumphs he achieved were unparalleled. Through his blog, Elden has raised over $500,000 for the Lance Armstrong foundation. More importantly Susan, he, and his family have become a shining example of the bravery and resilience displayed by the people who fight this disease. Keep the Nelson's in your thoughts during this difficult time. Though it may be difficult now, in time the Nelson family should find comfort in the fact that Susan's spirit and determination will find a way to bring an end to cancer through the well crafted words of her husband.

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